What it does ?

Flow Analyze provides a detailed view of network traffic and subscriber applications throughout your network. You can view the details of your network traffic on a graphical dashboard in real time as well as in historical reports, which make it simple to see exactly what happened in your network at any time.

Knowledge is power, and Flow Analyze delivers game-changing insights about your network and your customers that allow you to do your job better.

For Customer Service and Network Operations:

  • Real-time network monitoring with second-by-second updating
  • Sophisticated recording and playback capabilities
  • Automated network surveillance with continuous “learning” of normal network activity
  • Email alerts to your staff triggered by specific events in your network

For Marketing:

  • Dashboard view of network utilization with graphical view of “Top Users” and bandwidth trend charts
  • Network monitoring app that you can provide to your subscribers

For All:

  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting
  • Intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for any staff member