Simplify Network Operations from a Single Element Management System

The Calix Management System (CMS) delivers superior tools and features to install and maintain multiservice copper and fiber networks built from the Calix Unified Access portfolio. Service providers can manage and operate broadband networks that scale from hundreds to millions of broadband subscribers. CMS is a server-based management platform that is capable of managing multiple standalone Calix networks. CMS handles all provisioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting functions enabling service provider operations to standardize training across their networks independent of which Calix platform is deployed. CMS is also able to manage geographically dispersed networks consisting of thousands of Calix access platforms. Utilizing an enhanced graphical interface, CMS provides detailed visibility and control of subscriber interfaces, alarm reporting, billing records, security policies, and more. Calix has created a management platform that sets the standard for scalability, security, and ease of use.

CMS can operate as a standalone element management system (EMS) and manages service provisioning and troubleshooting of access networks consisting of Calix B-, C-, and E-Series shelves and P-Series ONTs. CMS also integrates with the Compass suite of software to enable new revenue opportunities leveraging the broadband network.

Granular and Flexible Security

CMS offers a powerful security model and user management paradigm, which allows administrators to control access rights and security privileges to Calix network resources in a very intelligent and efficient manner. Administrators can expose or shelter user information on a very granular basis. This allows organizations to isolate specific network elements or network management functions to privileged individuals or operational groups.

The security model of CMS ensures that Calix solutions are able to seamlessly integrate into any carrier network and operational model. Rather than requiring an organization to adapt to a new network management technology, CMS adapts to the organization.

Tight Integration with Back Office Systems Simplifies Your Daily Operations

CMS strikes a powerful balance between serving as an intuitive and simple mechanism for provisioning and troubleshooting a given service and its capacity for massive bulk provisioning and reporting for thousands of services simultaneously. Scalable to support large networks, CMS is Telecordia OSMINE certified for easy integration into existing management systems. Calix achieves this balance through the use of powerful tools including network-wide service profiles and a simple, tabular interface allowing visibility and manipulation of subscriber services.

CMS also offers a Northbound XML interface that can be used in conjunction with higher level network management, billing, and operational support systems. This assures that changes made to a subscriber’s service settings will automatically update the appropriate systems. Changes made to individual service settings (i.e., DSL signal-to-noise margins) can be done ad hoc while still leveraging the efficiency of universal service profiles for bulk provisioning.

CMS Helps You Focus on Ethernet Service Assurance

Communications service providers are increasingly delivering Ethernet services for retail, wholesale, and mobile backhaul applications. These services require high availability and guaranteed performance as specified in service level agreements (SLAs) that are a critical part of service contracts.

Ethernet operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) tools have emerged as a simple way for service providers to monitor and manage the Ethernet circuits and ensure that they conform to SLAs. CMS supports a variety of Ethernet OAM functions.

What’s New?

The latest CMS release includes support for B6 system and service management – including profile management and service provisioning – enabling service providers to utilize a single, centralized element management system independent of platform. This assures that network planners can deploy the appropriate system to meet broadband service demands.

CMS is also simplifying fiber access deployments by including support for the 836GE Residential Services Gateways. This enables service providers to transform their businesses as they extend the reach of the broadband network inside the premises. Service providers deploying Calix 700 ONTs across multiple platforms (i.e., B6, C7, and E7) can now use CMS as a single management system for all network elements and premises devices.